Set the Temperature

How easy it is to see the negative in things. What if you shifted your perspective?

The other day my youngest hurt her toe, it was clear that she was fine as I heard my oldest consoling her in the other room. As her grumbling went on, and voices got louder, my oldest said, “It could be worse, at least you have a toe!!!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her frustration as she was witnessing her stretching the whine out about her little pain. I also had a moment of reflection, I thought, she just took the words right out of my mouth. I say those things often to them, not to undermine or dismiss what they’re going through, but to model how to make light of what we think is tearing us down in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I validate, nurture and mend as any mama would, but I try to keep my perspective in line on the daily. When you wake up and choose to see the gold, rather than the dirt, you shift your lenses and open the door for gratitude and positivity. There are two choices always, and the beautiful part is that YOU have the choice. I’m not saying it’s easy, you have to plan for it and choose to equip yourself so that you pause and see the positive rather than our natural tendency to see the negative.

I often tell my kids, when something feels hard to think of something harder. If you have to clean one toilet, imagine cleaning 30, then one doesn’t seem so bad. If you have to do two pages of math, imagine doing ten (and if you’re wondering how you get them to clean toilets on the regular, I’d be happy to go there too). It’s a constant training and shift of mindset. Character is more caught than taught, so I’d like to think that they just might catch it after years of witnessing. YOU too can shift your perspective and model this to your littles who are learning as they’re under your wing. It doesn’t have to be something you preach, but rather what you model. I will say it out loud sometimes when I’m working out. I’ll mumble under my breath, “30 seconds for a plank? I’ve got this, I’m imagining I have to do 60, so 30 seconds will be a piece of cake!” It’s subtle, but believe me, they’re listening and learning!! Let me repeat that! Your littles are listening, they are learning your rhythms and catching your patterns moment by moment, day by day. I often think, what legacy do I want to leave imprinted on their hearts when they’re some day gone from my nest? What rhythms will they pass onto their kids that they learned from me? Mamas, you have the power and influence to set the temperature in your home, choose well…

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