Taste Your Words

It’s what I tell myself, my students, and of course what I tell my children. I believe strongly in the power of words and the lasting affects they have on hearts, so tame that ever powerful tongue that only YOU can control!

Can you think of a person, whether it was a parent, friend, teacher etc. who has believed in you, that person who spoke words of life and made you smile and made you feel like you could reach for the stars and conquer the world, or maybe you have experienced the opposite and words were spoken that tore you down and made you feel unworthy, and hindered you from you believing in yourself? I don’t know about you, but I can vividly remember both ends of the spectrum and I’m pretty certain that’s why I’m so passionate about loosely speaking words without really tasting them first.

You have a choice every single day, at every single moment to bring others up, or tear down them down. Don’t be that person that hinders and hurts, be the opposite. Be the one who gives life and love with your words. Find the GOLD, not the DIRT!

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