His Blueprint for Your Life

Maybe it’s just me, but do these thoughts cross your mind also? Am I fulfilling my purpose, am I making the most of my life, am I doing all I was created to do? At age 80, or if I go to heaven tomorrow, will I have done all I could have done, did I take action and have a voice? Were my actions and words that I spoke reflective of His love and selflessness? I think back on my life and know that each step, whether a hurdle or victory, was all divine and part of my story, and necessary equipping to live out the life I was intended to.

Because a loving God created you, unique you, He knows your potential to affect and impact others. I do my best to take me out of it when I’m seeking His guidance and direction. I try to subside what I want or foresee, and rather ask Him in my morning prayers to guide and lead me for His vision and purpose. And when we tune those ‘rabbit ears’ to His frequency, we can hear more clearly. My plans become His plan and purpose, and my fleshly thoughts, fears, doubts consequently begin to fizzle. Some people will make their name in history, some will stand up for injustice, others will speak life and truth to others, some will counsel newlyweds, or new mamas. Whatever it might be that you feel the tug to do, tune into the one who wrote your blueprint and knows your heart strings and abilities you’re capable of, and TAKE A STEP OUT of your comfort zone and familiarity.

One thought on “His Blueprint for Your Life

  1. I completely agree! Seek HIS will in our life and he will lead our steps. This is beautiful Kelly! May the Lord continue to speak these truths through you to uplift many. You are such an encouragement! ❤️


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