Parenting Your Littles

I hear you mamas, it can be draining, and at times you feel hopeless, and you feel like you’ve repeated yourself 400 times, you’re exhausted, BUT this is where I come in to give you hope and a breath of fresh air, or maybe even a new tip or trick that might change your course and make some of those bumps diminish.

I have a heart desire to help! I want to validate you, but more so I want to give you some ideas to help you with the season of mama hood you are in that’s bringing you frustration. It tugs at my heart to want to share some ideas when I hear, and see, mamas so exhausted and depleted over and over again, season to season. I am by no means saying I don’t experience these same frustrations, or have exhausting days myself. Believe me, I have moments where I want to lock myself in the bathroom for a ‘time out’ too, but when I feel that point coming on, I dig into my tool box and put the brakes on to avoid, or at least fizzle, what could otherwise cause us to get into a ‘crazy cycle.’ Some of you have an awesome box of tools and may just need to dust them off, or some of you might want to hear some ideas from my tool box.

I try to fast forward and think about just what little time I have with these precious kiddos to shape, mold and influence them, and the way they operate. I’m super big on being in tune to your child’s heart and what makes them tick, so a perfect formula isn’t going to work with every child. I have three very different kids who are all wired up uniquely, just as you might, so I get it. The good news is, you as their mama get to gear your strategies according to what works for you, and your kiddos’ personalities. If you feel like your kids are a burden rather than a blessing, or you just need a new trick or idea, let’s chat.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Your Littles

  1. I feel like I’m always getting on to my 8, almost 9 year old. I think I’m disciplining him more than ever now. It’s always, stop doing that, no, don’t do it that way, stop talking back, etc. I lose it most of the time and then feel bad because of the way I spoke to him or how I yelled at him. I want to be better but I keep losing my cool. I don’t know what to do anymore


  2. Hey mama, first off, give yourself grace and know that the fact that you’re in tune to this and wanting to change the rhythm is so wise of you! I would say take a moment to think about timing, triggers, and patterns to when it’s occurring, then have a heart to heart with him OTHER than in the heat of the moment. I have dealt with similar behaviors, and as of today, right now I would start is with what you CAN control, which is you and your reaction. Come up with how you will respond to his attitude, or whatever the behavior is, that needs to be altered. Remind yourself that your reaction will be predictable and controlled next time this occurs. As you know, you feed off of each other, so that’s one part of the equation that could help keep you feel better about how you handled it.

    Then I’d schedule a time for you two to have some time together to talk and connect, explain to him what you are feeling, ask him if he thinks ______ (whatever he did/his response) was respectful, or how he can respond instead, and have ask him if there’s anything you could do to help him respond in a different way? I’m big on getting to their heart! Hear him out and remind him that you’re not out to get him, but that you’re on the same team, same family and here to help create peace and love in your home. Try to make a list of good, positive things you know he’s capable of. Just for him to hear/see you speak life to him if you’re in that negative cycle to open the conversation on a better note. It makes you dig deeper and not see them for all of the negative and frustrating feelings you might truly have. It’s not to excuse the attitude or not deal with it, it absolutely does need to be addressed and dealt with, but sometimes they need some positive to fill their heart back up if it’s been a negative stretch. No difference than when you have a talk with a boss, or husband or whomever, when there’s some positive, guards come down a bit and hearts are filled up. If the tank is already on empty, it might need to be filled up a bit first.

    Definitely tell him that you’re sorry for your responses in those moments too. Then let him know that how he’s been responding/acting etc. has not been respectful, and in our home we respect each other. I’d also talk about consequences for the next time this happens, that way it’s consistent and predictable between you both. Electronic time, play time, whatever it is he values and desires so that he learns that there will be a consequence for his attitude.

    Hopefully this gives you a little hope, I’m sure you’ve tried some of these, but just give yourself a moment to reset and address it in a different way, in love. Let me know how it goes, hang in there! ~MAKE IT GROW


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