Build Them Up

Your words matter, as I’ve said many times, but especially to your children. You have the ability to speak life to them, to really build them up, or tear them down for that matter. As you know, each child has different passions, abilities, heart desires, love for different things etc. so they each need to be built up in different ways. With all the voices and input they will, inevitably, get from the world, I hope and pray that at least some of the words I spoke over and to them will resonate and fuel their hearts now, and years down the road.

One of my littles has a heart to naturally want to help and tend to those in need. She jumps at an opportunity to help the girl who is blind or help the baby crawling into danger, or anyone in need for that matter. Just last night in the midst of tucking my kids in, one got up as I was going down to give a hug and knocked me in the nose, I thought I was bleeding so she runs out and gets tissue and shoves it in my face. She thrives on helping people, and she’s amazing at it. Depending on the situation, sometimes I will acknowledge her heart right then and there, but most of the times I keep it in my mind to talk about that night when I tuck her in, when it’s just the two of us. I strive to focus on their hearts, rather than their actions. I tell her later how I see that God planted a seed in her heart that just keeps growing! I tell her she’s going to be such a good mama some day. I build her up and help her believe in herself and challenge her to be aware and in tune to other opportunities where she can use that natural ability she has. She beams, sometimes gets a little shy about it, but I tell her I can’t wait to see how God will continue to use her. I want them to feel valued and loved for their heart seeds they possess and build upon them. Fast forward, now she is asking when she can help with the babies at church, so you better believe I will foster that request!

By no means does this mean they don’t display selfishness, complain, or lack patience, absolutely they do, and I deal with it and address it the moment it starts swirling to teach and redirect, but I’m talking about the opportunities that we do have. We know and see their hearts if we are on that mission, and we can help them blossom. It’s easy to harp on the negative, so sometimes we just need to shift and start the day looking for the gold and bring it to the surface. Can you think of someone who spoke encouraging words over or to you in your life? Usually you want to live up to it, or it encourages and gives you the confidence to step into that arena. I just know that when someone saw potential in me, it gave me permission, or the drive to be better at it. When they shot me down, I wanted nothing to do with it, and it discouraged me. We are all so different, but part of my legacy that I strive to focus on each day is to focus more on the GOLD each day than the dirt.

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