Choices are a Choice

I remind my myself, and of course my kids, that you are in control of you and the choices you make, so choose well.

The choices you make, the road you take, how you spend your time, the words you allow out of your mouth, the friends you choose to surround yourself with, the foods you eat, what you spend money on, what you do, where you go, it’s all a choice, and the beautiful thing about it is, you have control of it. Surely you can’t control others, but you can control you. I know it’s hard and easier said than done because sometimes it’s just the rhythm of your life that you get into, your patterns and routines, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this when we start to make excuses or think there’s no hope, or no way out of a sticky situation. You are responsible for you and your words and actions each and every step of the way, so ladies, choose well and adjust as needed. And remember, your kids are watching! Yes, there are circumstances in life that you can’t control, but that’s not what I’m referring to, I’m talking about choices you make on the daily. We say in our home, ‘We’ve got one go at this life, let’s do it well!

I know I sure need to check myself often and do some reflecting, “decluttering” if you will, in life. Yes, I need to declutter my pantry, clean out my closet etc. but I’m talking more about the choices I’m making each and every day that are cluttering me, my heart, my relationships, our future and so on. We can slip and we get off track if we aren’t doing a little check up now and then. Maybe it’s just me, but if you need a little fine tuning I encourage you to journal, or write it on a post-it to reflect and own it to begin to make those small changes that might affect you, and your tribe, for the better.

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