Put it on the Calendar

When you prepare, you’re more prepared right? Whether it be food prep, clothing, finances, schedules, when you prioritize and plan it out, calendar it, write it down or map it out, you’re better set up for success. We do it for our kids, at our jobs, in our home, but do we do it for us, our marriage? As some of us prepare for a new school year for our kiddos, start a new team or sport, calendar various commitments, it’s important to remember to prioritize what needs to be prioritized. In our marriage and home, I must schedule a few of our priorities, for the sake of our marriage. Side bar, it’s not that it’s not a priority to my husband to arrange the dates, in fact he often is the one who gives me the verbal reminder, but I am the calendar and babysitter coordinator the majority of the time, so I handle that end of it. He’s got 20 other things on his plate to handle, I don’t need to put one more on his list. Remember, you’re a team, and teams work together for a common goal.

There are three things I’m committing to put on the calendar. First is our next budget session (or we feel it and wonder where the money went when we should have told it where to go!) next, a date night (because we both know what the next few weeks entail and it gives us something to look forward to when it feels like we’re high-fiving each other all week!) and last but oh so important, a ‘touch base’ date. And that’s where we touch base about us! Ladies, timing matters so much. It’s not always the best time to unload all our feelings on our man when we feel it at that moment. So, we save some of our hurt feelings or frustrations about each other for this date. Most of the time they fizzle by then anyway, but this is for those things you want to get off your chest, or wish he’d understand or hear you out on. We know ahead of time that we need to put our defenses down and just listen to learn and understand, not just listen to respond. We discuss how we’re feeling about us, what we each are doing well, and what we can work on. It’s a time to reflect and refine us, I guess it’s like a ‘tune up’ or ‘check up’ for our marriage. Ladies, you are so good at all you juggle! And so as a new school year approaches, before you get into the busyness of it all, I encourage you to take a few minutes to schedule what needs to be scheduled as you prioritize what needs to be prioritized for your marriage.

One thought on “Put it on the Calendar

  1. That’s all super true . We do date night every Thursday. We also try to do a Sunday dinner with the kids & grandkids. Plus take each adult kid to dinner once a month to see how they are doing . It’s hard .. 😌 I love reading ur blog .


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