Character Matters

Kids, in general, are need of a whole lot. I’m not talking about material things or the basic necessities, but what they need from us regarding their character building throughout their life. This is a reminder to not become weary of doing good. Are we being intentional about character training and instilling and modeling the virtues that we as a family stand for? Children, our children, that have been put in our care to be trained and raised to become the adults they will once be, are affected greatly by us. Daily, they need our patience (or at least our best attempt at it), our long-term vision, our teaching and modeling, our talking with them, our understanding, our honesty, our diligence, our hard-working spirit, and our training to teach the value of character. As parents, we are not called to be perfect, we learn as we go, but we can choose to be intentional about what we strive to instill in the lives of our littles while we have the opportunities we do, if we choose.

Training takes time, patience, and endurance. It calls for diligence, intentionally and purposefulness. Strive to teach your children to work hard, to be gracious, and to have character and virtue. We need to know what we stand for and be aware of our character and goals in order to pass it along. ‘You can’t give away what you don’t possess,’ is a saying I try to keep in my forefront. How can I teach my kids to have a gracious heart, or be patient in spirit if I’m not modeling it myself? Oh how they watch and listen, even if we don’t think they do. Can you extend grace to a neighbor, show a random act of kindness to a stranger, put others’ needs above your own and serve someone spontaneously? Character training and building is shaping of the soul inside and outside of the heart. Whether it be manners, how they speak to others, how they open a door for someone at the store, share with others, lend a hand, help bring in a neighbor’s trash cans, speak politely, order at a restaurant, remember to model, model, model. Continue to practice again and again. Don’t be hesitant to practice over and over and over again to help them get it right, and have it become their norm. Over time, they will learn. Beauty and transformation take time and patience. Give grace over and over again. And extend grace not only to your children, but to yourself as well! ~Make It Grow

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