Being Proactive, Rather than Reactive

If you are being proactive, you are making things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you. Mamas, I’ve been thinking of you and all of the adjustments you’ve been forced to make unexpectedly in your home to your norm during this time. Everyone’s typical daily life looks different than usual, as we all know, so we’re finding our groove and what works for our family as we move along. What we might have typically planned out and orchestrated, been proactive about, was just put into our laps whether we were ready for it or not. The reality is, it’s new and different for all of us and all we can do, is what we can do. And since we set the tone for our home, let’s be proactive and get ahead of it! Not to undermine everything you’re juggling and managing, trying to stay afloat and tend to—teaching, work responsibilities, house duties, device shortages, online learning, common core math lesson meltdowns, work demands, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on. I’ve created a short list for you to refer to if you need a little reset to start each day with a proactive mindset, rather than a reactive mindset.

Tips to feel accomplished and ahead!

  1. Get up before your ‘students.’ Drink your coffee alone, read, pray, meditate, do whatever your ‘me’ time things are that you desire, so you’re not playing catch-up all day.
  2. Get some of your to-do list done before they are awake. Fold a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, check email, get some work done, workout etc.
  3. Talk with your kids, not at them about what they need to accomplish for the day. They can help create the game plan for the day either the night before or in the morning. Have them write down Zoom IDs and Passwords to help them feel proactive and prepared for their day.
  4. Have a morning ‘huddle.’ Not literally, but gather and talk about what needs to happen as a team/family for the day. Meal prep, chores, exercise etc.
  5. Take a break! It is healthy and refreshing to have ‘down time.’ Whether it’s your kids going into their rooms for a bit to read, rest, pull out old legos, it allows you to have a reset/breather. Talk about it through the day, have it planned so they know it’s coming each and every day. Rather than being reactive when you’re at your boiling point of needing a break, be proactive and plan for it!

Mamas, you truly make it happen. I get it, it’s hard and different, and draining at times, but remember that you are the coordinator, the thermostat of your home. I sure don’t want to look back on these days with regret, or wish I would have done things differently. The more proactive you are, the more productive and peaceful your home will feel.

~Mamas Make It Happen

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