Are You Still Dating During the Shutdown?

But really, are you still remembering to date? It can feel impossible to squeeze a date in if we don’t make it a priority. With the adjustments to our new daily norm, schooling my three most of the day, working, kids on Zoom, me on Zoom, altered work schedules, dishes, cooking, we had just forgotten to make it happen. We schedule date nights when life is in normal time, but realized we weren’t being intentional about us with the adjusting that we had done, and work demands got the best of us. We definitely have felt the need and desire to connect ‘kidless‘ since our norm is not so norm. So, no big deal, we aren’t going to complain about it, and since we are doers, we are getting creative and making it happen. My hubby has been working more than he’s been home the past two months, so I know he needs it just as much as I do. Once he’s home he’s got his own house duties to get to, kids to wrestle with, hug, catch up with, listen to, jump on the trampoline with, fix RC cars etc. the list goes on and on, it might not be the first thing on his mind to put a date on the books and that’s ok. I know for me, I need to be proactive about scheduling to make it happen for us as a team. Everyone’s dynamic looks different right now, but mamas you got this, you can make it happen. And if your man is more of the planner, then great, enjoy your date! I just wanted to be the reminder to get those times carved out for you two to refresh and reconnect.

Tips for Planning a Date During COVID

  1. Plan it, one of you just do it! Get a date and time on the books visible for your kids to see. Remind them throughout the week or day that it’s happening.
  2. Plan and talk about what they’ll be doing during your date. Talk about what your expectations for them are. If they’re younger put them to bed, there’s nothing wrong with an earlier than normal bed time. Talk, talk, talk about it. Kids love predictability and what’s coming.
  3. Tell your man that you’re excited to date him!
  4. Be flexible. Obviously you won’t be sitting down at a restaurant going out to dinner, or going to the movies, or whatever you normally like to do, but it could be sitting in the backyard, going for a drive, or cozying up in your living room. Regardless it’s carved out time for just you two to connect. Play a game, pull out old pictures to laugh at. Maybe you could even get dressed up and put some lipstick and heels on!
  5. Have fun together!

Just remember you can keep the spark lit if you choose to. It’s healthy for your kiddos to see you making your marriage and time together a priority. Most likely they’ve been by your side more than usual, so the break will be healthy for them too!

~Mamas Make It Happen

Our backyard date

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