Maybe it’s for a Different Purpose

I talk about perspective a lot, and it’s because I truly believe it matters. It can change your daily mode and outlook each and every day if you choose. It’s a choice, your choice. It’s not always easy, but it takes intentionality and practice in order to make it a rhythm and habit to become a norm, your norm. Something we say in our home is, practice makes permanent. So if you are practicing for yourself, you better believe your tribe will catch it too. When you start seeing the world, battles you’re facing, stresses, tough relationships, or frustrations, with a different lens, it helps take your focus off of the negative and enables you to see it as an opportunity. It may be an opportunity for you, but what if it’s for someone else?

I know it’s easier said than done, believe me! I have post-its and sayings all over my house, mirrors, my car etc. because I need the coaching and training to help me not get wrapped up in the negative, stresses, or the mud we might be walking in, or through. Let’s say there’s a co-worker that’s just difficult, or a child that’s just pushing your buttons beyond return, financial stresses, you get it. What if in that moment you imagine putting on glasses with yellow lenses, and you’re able to see it from a different angle, or perspective, able to see the bigger picture and purpose. What if you took a moment to breathe and just think about what lesson might need to be learned? Or what if you paused and asked God, the one who perfectly created you and knows just how to get your attention, how He might be shaping or refining you during this moment, or better yet season. Or what if it has nothing to do with you, and someone else needs your prayer, or needs you to respond in love and give them hope? Next time you know you’re entering a tough situation, pause, think and ask what the purpose is, what His purpose is, and how you could be used to grow, be refined, or make a difference for someone else. ~Make It Grow

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